how to get rid of ground squirrels

We’ve got you covered with effective strategies to bid farewell to those troublesome ground squirrels once and for all. Keep reading to discover how to reclaim your outdoor space and say goodbye to these unwelcome guests!

The Damage Caused by Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels may seem harmless with their cute appearance and playful antics, but don’t be fooled – these critters can wreak havoc on your property.

They have a voracious appetite for vegetation, making them a threat to gardens, lawns, and crops. Ground squirrels are known to burrow extensively underground.

Creating complex tunnel systems that can undermine the stability of structures like sidewalks, patios, and even foundations.

Their digging activities not only damage landscaping but also pose safety risks by creating tripping hazards. Furthermore, ground squirrels are notorious for gnawing on wires and cables, leading to potential electrical malfunctions or fires. Their presence can attract other pests like snakes and fleas as well.

If left unchecked, ground squirrel populations can quickly multiply, causing more widespread destruction. It’s essential to address the issue promptly before the damage becomes extensive and costly to repair.

Eliminating Food Sources for Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels are notorious for rummaging through gardens and feasting on plants, fruits, and vegetables. To deter these pesky critters from making a buffet out of your yard.

It’s crucial to eliminate their food sources. Start by keeping your garden clean and free of fallen fruits or veggies that may attract them. Regularly pick up any produce that has dropped to the ground to remove temptations.

Consider using squirrel-proof bird feeders if you have them in your yard as spilled seeds can also be an attractive snack for ground squirrels. Additionally storing pet food indoors and properly sealing trash cans can help prevent these rodents from finding easy meals around your property. By removing access to food, you can make your yard less appealing to ground squirrels looking for a quick bite to eat.

Natural Methods to Repel Ground Squirrels

Natural methods to repel these pesky critters can be both effective and eco-friendly. One way to deter them is by planting garlic, onions, or daffodils around your garden – squirrels dislike the smell.

Another natural repellent is predator urine, like that of foxes or coyotes. Sprinkling this around the perimeter of your property can scare off ground squirrels looking for a quick snack.

Additionally, mixing water with cayenne pepper and spraying it in areas where squirrels frequent can also discourage them from sticking around.

Consider incorporating plants like marigolds or lavender into your garden as they are known to repel pests due to their strong scents.

These natural methods may require some trial and error but can ultimately help keep those ground squirrels at bay without harming the environment.

Physical Barriers and Traps

Physical barriers and traps can be effective methods to control ground squirrel populations in your yard or garden. Installing wire mesh fencing around the perimeter of your property can help prevent squirrels from entering. Make sure the fence extends at least a foot below ground to deter burrowing.

Another option is using live traps designed specifically for capturing squirrels. Place these traps along their travel paths or near their burrows, baited with nuts or seeds to attract them. Check the traps frequently so you can release captured squirrels far away from your property.

Using exclusion devices like one-way doors can also help in removing squirrels without harming them. Once they exit through these devices, they won’t be able to return inside. Remember that it’s important to follow local regulations regarding trapping and relocating wildlife.

By implementing physical barriers and traps strategically, you can effectively manage ground squirrel infestations on your property.

Professional Extermination Services

When dealing with a ground squirrel infestation that seems to be out of control, seeking professional extermination services may be the most effective solution. These experts have the knowledge and tools to efficiently eliminate these pesky critters from your property.

Professional exterminators can assess the extent of the infestation and tailor a targeted treatment plan to eradicate ground squirrels effectively. They may use safe but potent methods such as traps or baits specifically designed for these rodents.

Hiring professionals ensures that the job is done correctly, minimizing any potential risks associated with attempting DIY methods. Additionally, they can provide valuable advice on preventing future infestations, giving you peace of mind knowing your property is protected.

Remember, when it comes to dealing with persistent pests like ground squirrels, calling in experienced professionals could save you time and frustration in the long run.

Prevention Methods for Future Infestations

Preventing future infestations of ground squirrels is crucial to maintain a pest-free environment. One effective method is to remove potential hiding spots by keeping yards clean and free of debris. Regularly mow the lawn, trim bushes, and eliminate clutter where squirrels can nest.

Seal off any entry points around your property, such as gaps in fences or walls, to prevent squirrels from gaining access. Use wire mesh or steel wool to block openings that may serve as easy entryways for these pesky rodents.

Consider planting squirrel-resistant plants in your garden or yard. Daffodils, hyacinths, and alliums are known for repelling ground squirrels due to their strong scents or bitter tastes. Additionally, using natural repellents like predator urine or garlic spray can deter squirrels from returning.

Implementing these prevention methods proactively will help safeguard your home against future ground squirrel infestations. Stay vigilant and take proactive measures to keep these pests at bay for good.


Getting rid of ground squirrels requires a multifaceted approach that combines eliminating food sources, utilizing natural repellents, employing physical barriers and traps, and potentially seeking professional extermination services.

By following these steps and implementing prevention methods to deter future infestations, you can effectively manage and control ground squirrel populations around your property.

Remember that persistence is key when dealing with these pesky rodents, but with the right strategies in place, you can reclaim your outdoor space and keep it squirrel-free.

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